Legacy of Nature


What will we leave the next generation:  A Legacy of Nature…or more stuff to take care of?

Based on past spending and current funding requests the 2008 Legacy Amendment will be more detrimental to our metro area natural resources than many of those who voted for it expected.  This trend will continue until there is action taken by Legislators.

Despite the fact that woodlands, prairies, lakes and wetlands are stressed and degraded in many of our regional parks, the highest spending category for Legacy funds eligible for the Regional Parks System has been “New Development” such as:

  • Roadways, parking lots, & sidewalks
  • Wave pool mechanical filtration system
  • Golf course clubhouse septic system
  • Maintenance shop

To ensure that natural resources within our unique and valuable Regional Parks System are preserved for future generations of people and wildlife, Wilderness in the City is advocating for balanced spending of Parks and Trails Legacy Funds.  This will result in a decrease in Legacy funding for capital development, and an increase for environmental stewardship, as intended by those who voted “yes” for the Amendment. 

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We monitor issues in Dakota County, Met Council, and the Legislature that affect Lebanon Hills Regional Park and our other urban natural spaces across the region.


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Thank you to all the Natural Resource Stewardship volunteers in Lebanon Hills Regional Park.

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Join us on Tues., Nov. 14, 6:30-8:30pm for an entertaining and informative evening, including:

  • Featured presenter: Amy Freeman, 2014 National Geographic Explorer of the Year
  • Lebanon Hills – Preserving Nature Close to Home presented by Dakota County Natural Resources staff

Lebanon Hills Regional Park Visitor Center, 860 Cliff Rd., Eagan

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There are many ways to volunteer Wilderness in the City.  Depending on your interest, you can participate in a natural resources work night, volunteer to work at a community event, or attend hearings and meet with Legislators to discuss A Legacy of Nature.

Lebanon Hills

Learn more about Lebanon Hills Regional Park and the controversial 2015 Master Plan, and what we are doing to help preserve the wilderness character of this beloved park, which is its greatest character.

Met Council

The Metropolitan Council’s 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan establishes criteria that regional park implementing agencies must follow in order to be eligible for funding.  Learn more about how the process works. [This section is under construction and will be available soon!]

Dakota County

Find information relating to Dakota County Parks Department, the implementing agent for Lebanon Hills, including links and information related to natural resources, parks, and trails.


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