Photo Credit:  Benjamin Olson Photography

It‘s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.

~ Dr. Suess, The Lorax

Why Wilderness in the City? 

 Far too often, natural space in urban areas is viewed either as empty needing to be filled, or is left unmanaged and degraded.  

We have a different vision. 

These natural spaces are not empty — they are filled with opportunities for:

  • Nature-based education
  • Low-impact recreation
  • Valuable wildlife habitat

With proper management, healthy ecosystems throughout our urban natural areas and especially within our nature-based regional parks system can provide valuable support for:

Endangered Pollinators


Low Impact Recreation

Health and Wellbeing

Lebanon Hills Lake in Spring

The Next Generation of Stewards

Jenson Lake, Lebanon Hills

Habitat for Diverse Wildlife


Native Flora and Fauna


Our Mission

Wilderness in the City is dedicated to preserving and enhancing natural urban areas for future generations through:

  • Natural resource stewardship
  • Community outreach
  • Advocacy

We Envision

  • A legacy of parklands with healthy ecosystems for year-around, nature-based recreation and education opportunities.
  • Enhanced wildlife habitats in an otherwise developed urban setting.
  • Natural spaces, close to home and accessible to all, that offer respite from the built world around us.

“The value of nature as an essential aspect of our health, creativity, intelligence, and wellbeing is often overlooked.  Yet when nature is diminished, so are we.”

~Richard Louv

Where is your Wilderness in the City?

We’re building a photo gallery! 

Send us a photo and location of your Wilderness in the City and we’ll post it here.

Become A Supporting Member

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Ripple Effect!

Your support will help our efforts to restore and preserve green space throughout the 7-county metro region.  That, in turn, may directly or indirectly help other local organizations with similar missions including:    

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